Han Xu The Prominent, brilliant, and motivating in Women’s World Cup

It is not difficult to single out Han Xu from a crowd, even when other basketball players are present. The China national team center is a towering 2.05 meters (6 feet 9 inches) tall, which is something that has always set her apart from the competition.

Han, on the other hand, has made a concerted effort and put in a lot of hard work over the course of the previous six years to ensure that she will not be known solely for her height. She has left her imprint on the court and has continued to grow each and every time she has suit up for China, beginning with the U17 Women’s World Cup in 2016 and continuing all the way up to the Women’s World Cup that was held in Sydney a month ago.

“I want more people to cheer for women’s basketball.”

Han Xu

Among the best

And, following a spectacular run that included China’s first podium finish in 28 years, Han has evolved into more than just a tall basketball player.

“I do my best. Every game at the Women’s World Cup, I give it my all “Han had stated when China defeated France to get to the Semi-Finals.

It was evident that she was putting up her best effort. She finished the season averaging 12.4 points per game (12th among all players), 8.4 rebounds (5th among all players), and 1.8 blocks (tied for most among all players).

Her best performance came in front of one of the largest crowds of the competition, when China faced hosts Australia in the Semi-Final. Han had her best game of the tournament with 19 points on 8-10 shooting, 11 rebounds, 2 steals, and 5 blocks, tying the Women’s World Cup record.

In addition to Han Xu’s height and length, her ability to shoot the ball is another facet of her game that sets her apart as an exceptional player. She demonstrated this time and again in Sydney, and it is because of this that she is considered to be one of the most effective offensive talents at the professional level as well.

Even before the World Cup, Han Xu had told FiveThirtyEight, “Since I was young, shooting is always what I’ve been good at.”

“When I’am shooting, I feel that when I don’t think too much and I don’t overthink, nobody can guard me,” I said. “When I don’t think too much, I don’t overthink.”

As a result of this, she is one of the prominent players on this China team that has an exciting future ahead of them. It was quite a risky trip for her to take on the way to becoming a pivotal player for the national team that finished in second place in the Women’s World Cup and is rated second in the world.



She appeared to be meant for the basketball court. Han’s parents, who were both professional players in China, didn’t waste any time in introducing her to the game.

“I observed the women’s team practice while my mother took me to her workouts. We also viewed numerous basketball matches at home, “In August, Han Xu spoke to SLAM.

Han Xu had to choose between the two basketball career pathways available to Chinese basketball aspirants when she got a sense of how far the sport could lead her.

“In China, you have the option of choosing the academic or the professional path. There are pro youth teams for younger athletes who may be 15 or 16 years old if they choose the professional route “According to SLAM, Han Xu reveals. “If they decide to attend school, they can enroll in high school, play sports as a student, and eventually graduate. They can play in college after that.”

Han Xu made the decision to become a professional

“I wanted to become a professional at the time since I was 18 years old and had an advantage. The Chinese national team has previously extended an invitation to me. I’ve wanted to be a pro ever since I received that invitation “She informed SLAM.

Once she started representing China, she had that advantage and rapidly started attracting attention. The U17 Women’s World Cup in 2016 served as the catalyst. The following year saw the FIBA U18 Women’s Asian Championship. It happened at the U19 Women’s World Cup a year later.

Motivating others

The next year, at the Women’s World Cup, Han Xu made her senior national team debut. Since then, she has shown tremendous progress, including a 20-point performance against the USA.

She was later selected with the 14th overall choice in the 2019 WNBA Draft, making her the league’s youngest player, and her success has only grown since then.

She joined the Women’s Asia Cup TISSOT All-Star team in 2019. In 2021, he won an Olympic medal. In addition to reaching the World Cup Final in Sydney, Han Xu was also selected by Google as one of the top five players in the world. Additionally, she will turn 23 this Halloween.

Some have referred to her as the women’s basketball Yao Ming due to her early success on the national, regional, and international stages (as well as her height and country).

According to Han Xu, her childhood hero, “He had a very great career in the NBA and he also popularized the culture of the sport in China so that now, more Chinese people prefer to watch basketball.” The two have had the opportunity to interact in person, and Yao has even given the young man advise.

This is where the two are comparable in that they both have an effect on boosting basketball’s popularity in China.

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