Luka Doncic will represent Slovenia at the World Cup


The news that his nation had qualified for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 reached superstar Luka Doncic in a hurry, Following Slovenia’s victory over Germany in the European Qualifications last week, and he did not waste any time expressing his excitement.

He has confirmed his participation in the 32-team basketball extravaganza that will take place in Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines by informing the country’s basketball federation.

According to the President of the Slovenian Basketball Federation (KZS), Matej Erjavec, who spoke to about the matter, “Luka confirmed his participation a minute after the game (Nov. 14) with Germany, when it was certain that we would go to the championship.” “To tell you the truth, we knew for 99% certain right after the game against Israel on November 11, and even then, it was a source of incredible excitement as well as a reassuring feeling to know that we had won. If Luka is in good health, there is absolutely no reason to be concerned.”


In order to become the third European in the past five years to win the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award, following Giannis Antetokounmpo of Greece (2019, 2020) and Nikola Jokic of Serbia (2021, 2022), the man who has been in outstanding form with Slovenia the past two years is once again fully committed to the national team.

International basketball has been ignited by Luka Doncic.

He guided Slovenia to victory at the 2021 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Kaunas, then to fourth place at the Tokyo Games. This summer, he led Slovenia to victory in Group B of the EuroBasket 2022 tournament in Cologne, where they went on to suffer a shocking quarterfinal loss to Poland.

Despite averaging a league-best 34.3 points per game during the NBA season, Luka Doncic was not with Slovenia in the fifth window as it qualified for the World Cup. But he was there in spirit, supporting the group.

Erjavec remarked, “His attitude is very remarkable. “The Israel game started at six in the morning in Dallas. He followed this match. When you have home and away games, getting up at six in the morning to watch a game is not the simplest thing to do.

“What can I say, we’re glad to have him, and we know how important he is both on and off the court. You must experience it in person here in Dallas to fully comprehend it. Unbelievable. Everybody owns a jersey. He is always followed by admirers everywhere he goes in the city. absolutely extraordinary

Also affected by Luka-mania was the EuroBasket, particularly in Cologne, where the 23-year-old scored 47 points in one game to help Germany defeat France 88-82 and averaged an astounding 26.0 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 6.6 assists over the course of seven contests.

Game after game after game, he was outstanding. Luka Doncic scored 36 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and contributed four assists against the hosts Germany. He could do no wrong.

More striking than the figures was the way Luka Doncic went about scoring and creating plays

As well as doing everything necessary to win, with the exception of the enormous upset by Poland.

With his shot-making, ball-handling, hypnotic passing, and defense, he was truly a wizard on the hardwood. Fans have been referring to Luka Doncic as the Slovenia Sorcerer, which is understandable.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and NBA star Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic’s coach, were among the spectators at the Cologne game.

Erjavec claims that the Mavs completely support Luka Doncic’s participation in the World Cup and understand the advantages of his representing his country.

He said, “Without a doubt.” This is undoubtedly due to the fact that he arrived prepared after being active all summer. Such a huge start to the season, in terms of numbers, is nearly impossible to fathom.

Without a doubt, this is the outcome of careful planning. This strategy is supported by the team, which is led by coach Jason Kidd and owner Mark Cuban. They support his involvement.

Prior to Slovenia’s World Cup qualification, there was clearly a hangover from their surprising EuroBasket quarterfinal elimination on September 14. The 90-87 loss to Poland remains a terrible memory in the history of the nation’s basketball despite all of the fantastic moments with Luka Doncic and the thrills he produced in the jam-packed arena in Cologne.

In the game that was played in Berlin, the Poles had a 23-point lead at one point.

“The outcome in the European Championship is absolutely a failure,” declared Erjavec, adding that Slovenia must take note of this.

“What did we discover? that you must always give your all and be truly engaged. It’s essential to communicate, discuss issues, and find quick solutions. Above all, always offer your best effort and be 100%.

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