Majstorovic could make history at FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2022

3v3 World Cup Majstorovic

Dejan Majstorovic is the only living member of Serbia’s dynastic basketball team, but he still has work to do at the present Crelan FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2022 if he wants to make history.

After seven iterations of 3×3’s championship tournament, the renowned Serb is looking to lead his country to a stunning fifth title. After playing a crucial role in Serbia’s stunning three-peat from 2016-2018, the sniper may be crowned a global champion for a fourth time if he locates his radar.

Only his former colleagues from Serbia and Novi Sad, Dusan Bulut and Marko Savic, have won more, with the iconic duo also winning the FIBA 3×3 World Cup in 2012.

Majstorovic is the only man in the Antwerp draw who has won a World Cup

He leads a new-look Serbia, which includes Strahinja Stojacic and Marko Brankovic from ‘The Maestro’s’ squad Ub, as well as Liman big fella Mihailo Vasic.

The 34-year-old, who is perhaps in his greatest form of his career after leading Ub to the recent Manila Masters title with an MVP effort, is well aware of the stakes in Antwerp.

“This is critical. I truly want to leave a legacy in 3×3 by winning the most titles “Majstorovic explained.


Majstorovic was unaware of his countrymen’s accomplishments ten years earlier, when Serbia won the first-ever 3×3 World Cup in Athens.

He said, “I had no idea what FIBA 3×3 was. The only time I was aware of the World Cup was when guys from Novi Sad claimed to be world champions while I was playing 3×3 in Serbia.

When the 6′ 7″ (2m) sniper caused them significant problems on the half court during regional competitions in Serbia, the newly crowned champions were quickly drawn to him.

Majstorovic claimed, “I played against them four or five times and I beat them every time.

Since of this, Savic reached out to this 3×3 star in 2013 before the Bucharest Challenger but Majstorovic was unavailable due to injury because he possessed the purest stroke and apparently endless range.

The best players from Serbia were forced to search elsewhere, but they never forgot Majstorovic, and they eventually paired up for the 2014 FIBA 3×3 World Cup in Moscow. Majstorovic was about to travel to China to play basketball until Bulut urged him to band together.

“I was questioned by Dusan about playing for Serbia. I traveled to Novi Sad and trained there for three weeks since I wanted to participate for the national squad “says he.

Majstorovic made one of the sickest plays in World Cup history in his first game on the big stage, living up to his well-known moniker of “The Maestro.” Serbia had the ball and a chance to end the game in overtime against Romania when the newcomer chose to make a statement.

“I was aware that Romania was unfamiliar with me. I want a one-on-one game, “He remembered.

Majstorovic made the most ridiculous play of his great career when he unleashed the Shammgod, also known as the Bodiroga move, and finished with the buzzer beater.

“That came as a surprise to everyone. I was overjoyed to see it on Instagram “To quote Majstorovic:

After one more failed attempt at the ridiculous move he had copied from Serbian basketball legend Dejan Bodiroga, he gave up. Majstorovic said with a chuckle, “I tried against Piran against Gasper Ovnik but it didn’t work and it was enough.”

When tiny Gulf State Qatar shocked the world by beating heavy favorites Serbia 18-13 in the final, not even “The Maestro” could muster a chuckle.

According to Majstorovic, “we watched Qatar-Lithuania in the semis and cheered for Qatar.” “However, they were larger and had two big men who stayed under the basket. In those days, 3×3 was played differently.”

Majstorovic was wounded and felt he had let down his teammates, who had failed to win back-to-back championships.

“I was disappointed at the time. For me, there was only gold “He stated. “It was a tough tournament for me.”

After Serbia failed to advance to the final of the FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup 2016, Majstorovic began to suspect that he was a bad luck charm. “Everyone believed I was the only one who didn’t have gold,” Majstrovic explained.

Majstorovic entered the FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2016 on a mission similar to the hot shot pilots in Top Gun: Maverick.

However, Majstorovic’s bad luck continued when he was injured on competition day, but he hobbled through the pain to help Serbia get to the final against Team USA, who had lit up Guangzhou with a dunking extravaganza.

Despite the fact that the Americans had human highlight reels Alfonzo McKinnie and Myke Henry, both of whom were soon to be NBA bound, Serbia intended to make a statement that 3×3 was their land.

“We watched Slovenia-USA in the semis, and I cheered for USA because beating USA in a World Cup final is much different,” Majstorovic added. “We were confident that we were going to win.”

His confidence was validated, but only after a struggle to the death in which the United States brought all of their trickery, only for Serbia’s chemistry and experience to overcome 21-16 in possibly the best 3×3 game ever played.

“We knew they wouldn’t be able to defend our screens and passing,” Majstorovic explained. “It’s one of my favorite competitions, especially when I get to celebrate with the Serbian fans in the stands.”

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