Molten boost up volunteers that elevate Women’s Basketball World Cup in Australia

Women's Basketball World Cup molten

Molten, a FIBA Global Partner, demonstrated its commitment to basketball by successfully implementing the Molten Female Local Champions Program in Australia.

The Molten Campaign

Which was launched in conjunction with the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022, recognized women from throughout the country who have helped to the development and growth of women’s basketball in their communities.

Mirrin Rashleigh (Gladstone, Queensland), Jacinta Govind (Central Coast, New South Wales), and Josie Taoi (Western Sydney, New South Wales) were chosen and spent three days at the World Cup attending the FIBA Global Women in Leadership Forum, meeting FIBA Hall of Famer Michele Timms of Australia, meeting other coaches and administrators, and going behind the scenes at the competition itself.

According to Andreas Zagklis, Secretary General of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), “Molten is not only inventive in its ambition to have quality in its basketballs.” “In this particular instance, we are actively searching for methods to improve the role that women play in basketball at all different levels of competition, and our partner with the longest history of service, which spans four decades, is aware of our goals and intentions. Mirrin, Jacinta, and Josie have put in a lot of effort to advance women’s basketball, and FIBA and I want to commend them for their dedication and enthusiasm in this endeavor.”

Govind, Taoi, and Rashleigh are shining examples of how anyone who has a passion for women’s basketball can make a good influence on the sport. If you have an interest in women’s basketball, you can do the same.

Not only does Govind give her time with her local basketball organization, Central Coast Basketball in New South Wales, but she is also a co-host of the podcast ‘Shooting the Breeze,’ which is focused on women’s basketball.


She couldn’t believe that she had been chosen.

“It’s extremely essential to give all the girls out there who are working hard as volunteers in their local communities the platform and attention they deserve,” she added. “It’s really important to give all the females out there who are working hard.” “Many of the individuals I know are involved in some kind of volunteer job, such as managing a team, working the ticket booth at a sporting event, or serving as referees. There are instances when all of that effort is for naught. The Molten Female Local Champions program will begin to shine a light on the pillars of our basketball community who have gone mostly unrecognized.”

Promote the Goat Uplift Inc. was conceived of and initiated by Taoi. It has its headquarters in the Western suburbs of Sydney, and it gives coaching classes and participates in games with disadvantaged children and teenagers between the ages of 14 and 19. In addition to instructing the children on how to function effectively as members of a group, the goal is to instill in them valuable life skills and to help them feel more confident in themselves.

According to Taoi, “The Molten Female Local Champions program is incredible, and it has motivated me to use my platform to accomplish something for other young ladies.” “When I was younger, I spent a lot of time floundering, and playing basketball became my savior. It kept me away from the wrong crowd and pals, it kept me off the streets, and it’s been a really great influence on my life overall… I want to demonstrate to the younger generation how having a positive impact on your life may be beneficial.”

Taoi stated that she gained a lot of knowledge from participating in the Global Women in Leadership conference, such as the contributions that women in Papua New Guinea are making to their communities and how the She Hoops program is similar to what she is attempting to accomplish.

She was able to meet legendary players, many of whom she had supported in the past, which was an incredible perk of the program.

She claimed that meeting the Australian Opals at the reunion and watching the throwback films transported her to the time when she was a child. “Meeting the Australian Opals at the reunion took me back to when I was growing up,” she said. “I looked up to these young women I got to rub shoulders with and got the chance to tell them how much they meant to me,” she said. “I got to tell them how much they meant to me.”

Rashleigh, who plays for the Gladstone Amateur Basketball Association in Queensland and is a native of that state, has made a number of important contributions to women’s basketball. She is also a player for the Queensland State League in addition to her volunteer duties as a coach for representative youth teams. Additionally, she served as President of the Club.

“The opportunities we have been given while being here at the World Cup have been absolutely amazing and I’m just still ecstatic,” she said.

“The Global Women in Leadership Forum presented some great initiatives that show what we can do to get more women and create inclusiveness for the game. Therefore, I am going to retract what I just said and make an effort to incorporate a wider variety of game formats so that a greater number of people can participate.”

Molten Head of Brand Marketing, Noa Hasegawa, said: “We have seen a huge success with the Molten Female Local Champions program and are eager to work with FIBA to see this program rolled out internationally in conjunction with other FIBA major events.”

Earlier this year, a Molten Ball Relay involved youth girls from 20 clubs across the country and had them post good luck messages from Australians to the teams that took part in the 12-team World Cup.

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