The 2022 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup’s standout players

Women's Basketball World Cup players

At the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup, there were some outstanding performances by a number of ballers who all demonstrated that they are prepared to play larger roles for their teams in the future. These ballers’ performances were exceptional.

We take a look at the athletes who made significant strides in Sydney by analyzing their breakout performances.

Jovana Nogic of Serbia


After Jelena Brooks and the great Sonja Vasic retired, Aleksandra Crvendakic became injured, and Ana Dabovic was absent, Serbia was left with only one option: for Nogic to step up and prove herself as a member of a new-look Serbia team. She had previously only received a small number of opportunities and brief periods on the court, and this was the first major competition in which she played a substantial part. Serbia advanced to the Quarterfinals thanks to the guard, and they might have advanced further if they hadn’t faced the USA. She earned a commendable 10.2 points for her final competition score. 1.8 assists and 4.3 rebounds per game.

Maxuella Lisowa-Mbaka of Belgium

Despite losing their star player Emma Meesseman to an injury during the competition, Belgium managed to get all the way to the quarterfinals before falling to Australia. Even yet, the campaign was largely successful, and several young players gained crucial experience. The physically fit Lisowa-Mbaka played an impressive 18 minutes per game, shot the ball well (56 percent from the field), and worked hard on the glass (4.2 rebounds per game). On the basis of this, she might start for the Cats’ starting five for a while.

Marine Fauthoux of France

Fauthoux, who had previously won an Olympic bronze medal and a silver at the FIBA Women’s EuroBasket, put on a different kind of breakout performance. This was a breakthrough in terms of her demonstrating to everyone that she can perform and contribute constructively at the very highest level and can be France’s floor general in the backcourt in the upcoming years. She came in second for her squad in scoring with 10.8 points and assists with 3.5 per game to help an injured France get to the quarterfinals.

Mya Hollingshed of Puerto Rico

What a great debut for Puerto Rico as the forward contributed significantly to a memorable tournament for her adopted nation. She played a crucial role in the Islanders’ historic run to the Quarter-Finals and their first-ever FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup victory. She and Arella Guirantes made a powerful duo, and more than anything, she captivated Arella with her upbeat praise of her teammates and commitment to the team’s values. She was fantastic and finished with some incredible performances, eventually averaging 13 points and 6.2 rebounds per game.

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