The Women’s World Cup 2022 had its highest viewership in history

Women's Basketball World Cup most attented

It has been established that the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022, which will take place in Sydney in 2022, will have the largest attendance in the tournament’s whole history.

After tallying up the attendance figures for all of the games that were played at the Sydney SuperDome and the Sydney Sports Centre over the course of the competition, the total number of spectators who were present at the conclusion of the championship match and the game for third place was confirmed to be 145,519.

The Most Attended Women’s World Cup

“I think – I can only speak with one voice, but on behalf of both of David Reid, the chairman of the Local Organising Committee and myself – we’re extremely happy to have a sold out final day with the third-place game and the final to be attended by approximately 16,000 fans of women’s basketball,” said Andreas Zagklis, FIBA Secretary General, in the Event Recap Press Conference ahead of the final games. “We’re extremely happy to have a sold out final day with the

David Reid, who was beaming with happiness, continued, “My smile is due to our being able to get the maximum outcome I think that we could have in areas that we could have important to us.” “Our responsibility is to act as a facilitator for the event, and I believe that in three critical areas, we have accomplished our goals with regard to the facilitation of the tournament. We have made it possible for an unprecedented number of viewers to attend, and we have increased the likelihood that those individuals would be able to appreciate competitive sport at quality venues.”


“One of the most important “wake up calls” I had in the early stages of this project was when Lauren Jackson told me that she had been a spectator during the previous Women’s World Cup, which was held here in Sydney in 1994. This was one of the most crucial revelations I had at that time. She informed me at the beginning of the project when we were bidding on it that she witnessed that level of competition when she was a little girl here, and that this tremendously encouraged her to become the fantastic player and the international name that she is today. We have high hopes that many of the young women who participate in our sport would look up to the players, referees, and administrators who are actively involved in the sport; also, a large number of these individuals contribute their time as volunteers.”

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