What comes after the spectacular Crelan FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2022?

Crelan 3v3 World Cup

After the tremendously lit Crelan FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2022, which was the biggest 3×3 event of the year, we still haven’t caught our breath yet.

The good news is that the season hasn’t even started yet, and we have a ton of huge 3×3 competitions lined up to get you pumped up for it.

Let’s have a look at what the year 2022 has in store for us.

Crelan FIBA World Tour of 3×3 Basketball 2022

We started the biggest and baddest pro circuit season with a bang by competing in two Masters tournaments in May, which served as an appetizer before the World Cup.

In case you forgot, the world’s best player, Ub, lived up to his top status by winning the Utsunomiya Opener and the Manila Masters.

And the stunning Serbs will be riding high after three of their stars, including tournament MVP Dejan Majstorovic, world No. 1 Strahinja Stojacic, and Marko Brankovic, all played vital roles in their country’s fifth World Cup victory in Antwerp.

They have significantly raised the standard in 3×3, and it is now time for the other players to catch up, beginning with the Prague Masters on July 30-31. It is the first of another ten Masters that are scheduled to take place before the showcase event that will take place in Abu Dhabi in December.

This will be the most extensive World Tour ever, and it will visit a variety of new cities and countries, including Hong Kong, Utrecht, Cebu, and Macau, among others.

In addition, there will be a series of extremely significant Challengers beginning with Poitiers on July 1 and 2.

FIBA Women’s 3×3 World Championship 2022

You may have caught a glimpse of the women’s professional circuit when it was held in Tel Aviv back in May, but you haven’t seen anything yet!

The race will then continue with the Poitiers Stop before racing directly to the 3×3 fan favorite destination of Ulaanbaatar on July 1 and 2. Before the final competition in September in Constanta, there will be a total of eight more stops along the way.

This year, in addition to federations, private teams have been allowed to compete in the women’s 3×3 competition, which has resulted in an increase in both the level of competition and the quality of the athletes involved.

After witnessing some incredible feats performed by women in Antwerp, make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to watch your favorite players compete in the Women’s Series.

Continental Competitions

The FIBA 3×3 Asia Cup will be held in Singapore from July 6-10, returning to the South East Asian country after a three-year hiatus. Singapore hosted the first-ever international 3×3 tournament at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

In the main draw, 24 teams will compete for the title of best in Asia. There will be 12 women’s teams and 12 men’s teams. Despite Australia’s status as the defending champions in both genders, the pool of African talent has grown considerably in recent years.


This year’s FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup will be held in Graz, Austria, an increasingly popular 3×3 venue. On September 9-11, twenty-four teams from twenty countries will compete at the event.

Spain (women’s) and Serbia (men’s) are the reigning champions.

In December, Cairo will host the fourth iteration of the FIBA 3×3 Africa Cup to end the competition’s three-year absence. Both the men’s and women’s defending champions are Egypt.

If you’ve forgotten how high the level of competitiveness is throughout Africa, check watch these crazy plays.

You should also stay tuned for additional information on the upcoming FIBA 3×3 AmeriCup, the second iteration of which made a spectacular debut in Miami last year, with the host USA destroying the competition in both genders.

Youth Activities

Top-tier contests, like the FIBA 3×3 U18 World Cup in Hungary from August 23–28 and the FIBA 3×3 U23 World Cup in Bucharest, the 3×3 Mecca, from October 5–9, will feature the hottest emerging talent.

Mark those dates because the Next Gen of 3×3 performers will be exhibiting their talents.

Hopefully, that will be enough to quench the thirst of you 3×3 aficionados for the rest of 2022!

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